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New Username
by The Great Ninja Meru (aerithstheme)
at March 25th, 2007 (02:31 pm)

Hey, I've got a new livejournal and I was wondering if I could get all my claims switched to my new username, tifastheme

Here are the claims I have:

Denzel (FFVII: Advent Children)
Garnet/Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)
Tidus x Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Sora x Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Rena Landford (Star Ocean 2)
Celine Jules (Star Ocean 2)
Precis Neumann (Star Ocean 2)
Feena (Grandia)
Thanks :)


Posted by: ★ LAURiE ★ (newfoundgirlie5)
Posted at: March 25th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC)
Tifa Lockhart

changed them! i think i got them all. let me know if you see any i missed. :)

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