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claim_anime's Journal

Claim your Stuff
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Yes, because we needed a new claims community!

Claim Your Anime

[If you're here, you should know how claim communities work.]


+You can claim anything from either anime, manga or games.
+You are only allowed ten claims. (This rule is subject to change later.)
+Please make sure to check the memories before making your claim, so that you don't try to claim something that's already been taken.
+Be nice to everyone.
+Do not throw a fit if what you want is already taken.
+If you leave the community, or delete your journal, your claims are automatically revoked.
+Please be sure to state whether your claims are from an anime, a manga or a game.

There, that's not a lot, now is it? If I think of more later, I'll add them, but... for now, that's it.

Moderator: newfoundgirlie5